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Child Sleep Coaching

Children's sleep consultations based on the 1001kindernacht® concept are attachment oriented and clearly distance themselves from behavioral sleep learning methods (e.g. the "Ferber method").

The focus is on the individual needs of all family members, the development of the child and the bond between parent and child.


> It's about establishing healthy sleep habits in childhood
will last a lifetime.<

Antonia Orchard




My sleep consultations cover all aspects of children's sleep development.

  • How can your child sleep well right from the start?

  • Is it good to fall asleep on the breast/while being carried?

  • How can habits be changed?

  • How to make nights relaxing, even though your child isn't sleeping through the night yet?

  • When does it make sense to practice falling asleep alone?

  • How can the nights with siblings be organized?

  • Why long phases of falling asleep and awake phases at night?

  • And how can this be changed?

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