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Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching and therapy assumes that every person has the potential to have a fulfilled and satisfied life. Family, work, friends, school and the social environment play a major role in well-being.

In the concept of the systemic therapy there is always “the good reason” why a problem exists. This enables a non-judgmental view of individuals and their systems and offers solutions at the same time.

Systemic coaching and therapy supports individuals and couples to actively participate in their personal development, to discover existing inner resources and to experience long-term positive changes.

When does Systemic Coaching help?


Family conflicts  

Problems within families, communication, role conflicts or difficulties in coping with change.


Relationship problems 

Conflicts, communication or trust issues.


Personal development goals  

Overcoming personal challenges, improving self-confidence and developing life goals.


Mental health problems  

For mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or eating disorders.


Job challenges 

Stress, conflict or changes in the workplace and suport to gain a healthy work-life balance.


Trauma and loss 

To heal experiences of trauma or loss and grief.


Addiction problems  

Treating addiction by taking family and social dynamics into account.


Children and youth problems 

For behavioral problems, academic challenges or in cases of parental separation and divorce.



To deal with acute crises.

Are you interested in a Systemic Coaching?

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