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Seminars and Groups


Expert Talks

  Possible topics:

  •   Family communication and values ​

  •   Attachment

  •   Child sleep development

  •   Strong emotions - strong attachment

  Feel free to speak to me about a topic

  you require.

  Price on re

Family constellations


Participants represent the members of a family in order to make hidden dynamics and relationship patterns visible. Through this visual representation, participants gain insights into family structures, which often leads to a deeper understanding and possible solutions.

Price on request


FenKid® parenting course

FenKid® (Frühe Entwicklung von Kindern begleiten = Accompanying the early development of children) is a conscious parenting course concept in which mothers and fathers with their children come together and experience a gently guided circle. It is a place where every child is accepted with their unique individuality and where parents and children feel safe at any time.

A safe space for children 3-18 months of age with interesting montessori toys, mindfulness exercise, observation time, valuable exchange on various topics and short expert talks.



8x 75 Min., 120 €

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