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Couple- and Family Coaching

Systemic couple or family coaching is like a compass that navigates through challenges and changes. Through out this sensitive process, the unique strengths of each member are in focus whilst seeing challenges as signals and opportunities for growth.

Through open dialogue and creative interventions, my systemic couple- or family consultations are a safe space for everyone to discover solutions together and strengthen relationships.

The true benefit is the development of a mutual understanding and a deep connection.


Systemic Couple and Family Coaching

Parental questions
If parents are looking for support on specific topics such as: creating a safe and positive environment for free development, elemination communication and saying goodbye to diapers, colic babies, equality way of parenting, children's sleep according to 1001kindernacht® and more.

Challenging behavior of children and teenagers
If there are repeated unhealthy behaviors in the family that cause problems.

Difficulties in communication
If there are often misunderstandings or arguments and the family members have difficulties to talk to each other.

Crises and changes
In times of major problems, such as separations, losses, times of transistions or other difficult changes, the family may need support.

Stress caused by recurring problems
When certain problems keep recurring and the family has difficulty finding a way to solve them permanently.



> It's almost impossible to always have a complete overview of your own family situation -

sometimes it needs someone from outside <

Antonia Orchard

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